Indiana University is keenly focused on student affordability/accessibility. We have several initiatives in process to run an efficient organization, minimize tuition increases for our students and analyze alternate funding sources. Current initiatives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Student Financial Literacy
  • Peer benchmarking/shared services centers: IU continues to analyze core business functions and assess expense levels and performance metrics with both peer institutions and world-class corporations. We continue to look for efficiencies through the development of shared service centers and standardized processes, where applicable.
  • Healthy IU: This university-wide initiative exists to empower, educate, and provide necessary tools for healthy living for the university-wide campus community with specific focus on benefit-eligible employees and their covered family members. Healthy IU offers screenings as well as educational opportunities focused on nutrition, physical activity, and stress management to improve the overall health, satisfaction, and productivity of its valued employees.