Financial Literacy

Indiana University’s Office of Financial Literacy helps students make informed financial decisions before, during, and after college.

The MoneySmarts program consists of educational workshops, student meetings, presentations, resources, and other tools to help students make wise financial decisions and decrease overall student debt.

Financial Tips for Students
Listen to How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents, the weekly MoneySmarts podcast, for tips on repaying student loans, buying textbooks, and affording your social life.

Financial Courses for Students
Register for 1 and 3 credit-hour courses in personal finance, financial planning, and financial risk offered both online and in person.

Financial Resources for Students
Explore websites and apps to help you budget, plan, and save money, including an online cost of living calculator and a list of financial aid guides.

Peer Education
Schedule a one-on-one appointment to talk through your financial issues with a fellow IU student who’s passionate about financial literacy.

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