Successful Projects - Running Results

Phase 1 Projects

January through November 2017

Copier Leases

  • Eliminated approximately 105 leases by using internal loans through Copy Machines Department
  • Estimated principal savings of $925,000


  • Automated approval of approximately 20,202 low risk travel reimbursements annually, or approximately 49% of reimbursements
  • Increased average approval time of reimbursements by 11 hours, thereby reducing the amount of time travelers wait for reimbursement
  • Saves Travel department approximately 1,683 hours annually*

Mid -Year Pay Increases

  • Standardized & streamlined process for review & approval of all mid-year pay increases by developing & deploying an e-doc to manage process
  • Clarified & improved process for departments & campuses
  • Saves IU Human Resources & the University Budget Office approximately 638 hours annually

Accounts Payable

  • Automated processing of approximately 2,263 Apple invoices annually
  • Saves Accounts Payable approximately 188 hours annually*

Phase 2 Projects

January through October 2018

Student Fees

  • Created inventory of all student fees
  • Standardized & improved process for request & approval of new fees by developing & deploying an e-doc to manage process
  • Clarified & improved process for departments & campuses
  • Saves University Bursar & University Budget Office approximately 1,047 hours annually

HR Census Data

  • Investigated Human Resources Census table creation process, usage & documentation
  • Recommended several improvements to improve efficiency & reduce risk

Phase 3 Projects

January through November 2019

Fee Remissions

  • Created inventory of all fee remissions
  • Developed & deployed a process for request and approval of fee remissions using an online request form
  • Standardized the process, reducing the time to completion

Non-Employee Travel

  • Reviewed & standardized process for reserving and reimbursing non-employee travel
  • Developed and deployed tools for departments to facilitate process of collecting required information for reserving and reimbursing travel, thereby improving processing speed

I-9 Centralization

  • Implementation still in process
  • Research & implement centralization of I-9 processing with goal of ensuring high level of compliance while improving processing performance

New Hire Orientation

  • Implementation still in process
  • Research reasons for attendance decline
  • Implement improvements to orientation and communication in order to improve attendance

Employee Overpayments

  • Research reasons for overpayments & recommend improvements
  • Developed comprehensive white paper with reasons for overpayments, developed new reporting tools, and made several recommendations for improvement

* Based on average processing time of 5 minutes