Current Projects

Phase 3 Projects

January through November 2019

Fee Remissions

  • Review the fee remission process
  • Identify & document the ways fee remissions are entered
  • Define object codes by campus / RC
  • Develop a fee remission policy

Non-Employee Travel

  • Improve performance of Travel Arrangers when arranging non-employee travel
  • Simplify the way non-employee travel is arranged
  • Improve non-employee traveler experience

I-9 Centralization

  • Research & implement method to centralize processing of I-9s
  • Ensure highest level of compliance
  • Improve processing performance

New Hire Orientation

  • Improve attendance at University new hire orientation sessions
  • Ensure material presented is timely & relevant to new hires

Employee Overpayments

  • Reduce the number of employee overpayments
  • Streamline procedures to minimize manual processing